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The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February 2016 and although a reasonable one for the Rabbit, it will not be without its trickier moments.
One of the more awkward areas concerns finance. Over the year the Rabbit will face many demands on his resources, including family, accommodation and transport costs as well as some large purchases. Fortunately the Rabbit is usually quite adept when dealing with money matters, but this is not a year for taking risks or entering into important agreements without studying all the implications. Should the Rabbit have any reservations or questions about a transaction he is considering, he must resolve these before proceeding.
This need for care also extends to any important forms that the Rabbit receives, especially if related to finance, tax or possible benefits.
Again, these need to be dealt with thoroughly, otherwise there is a chance that the Rabbit could find himself at a disadvantage. Fortunately his conscientious nature can help prevent mistakes from arising, but the Monkey year does require him to be on his guard and it can be unforgiving over lapses or errors of judgement.
The Rabbit will enjoy better prospects in his work.
In 2016 he will be able to build on his present position and extend his experience. With the Monkey year favouring enterprise, he should put forward any work-related ideas or schemes he has. His initiative will be appreciated and can often lead to interesting results.
Rabbits who want to advance their career or who are seeking work will find that they will fare best by following up positions which draw on their skills and experience rather than trying for anything too different. Sometimes a great deal of persistence will be required, but the effort will be worthwhile, with the months of March, May, October and November bringing the best opportunities.
However, while there will be chances to make progress at work, the Rabbit should not forget the year’s more awkward elements. Although he may like to immerse himself in his own activities, this is not a year to close himself off from other developments, and he should take note of unfolding situations, proposals under consideration and the views of his colleagues. The better informed he is, the better prepared he will be to adapt to any changes that take place.
The Rabbit should also take full advantage of any training opportunities that may be offered and consider ways in which he can add to his skills, perhaps by enrolling on a course or taking on some additional study. Keeping his skills up to date and learning new ones will not only be helpful for his current position but also open up possibilities for the future.
In addition, the Rabbit should set a regular time aside for his own personal interests, again possibly extending them in some way. By setting himself an interesting project to do or skill to learn, he will find his interests can be especially rewarding and can often develop in an encouraging manner.
The Rabbit will also take much satisfaction from his domestic life and will, as always, play a major part. He will do much to assist both younger and more senior relations and others will often look to him for advice as well as practical support. In addition, the help and understanding he is able to show to someone who may have an awkward problem will be of more value than he may realize.
If, though, any problem should arise which the Rabbit may not feel sufficiently able to deal with, he would find it helpful to contact someone more qualified to advise. The Rabbit may have a willing disposition, but he should remember that expert help is available should he need it, and it can, in some cases, help ease any burden or obligation he may feel under. No year is completely free from its problems or pressures, but the Rabbit will still find his home life bringing many rewarding occasions. As well as encouraging the progress of those around him, he will take pleasure in shared projects and interests. A holiday or break too could lead to some particularly enjoyable times, especially in the third quarter of the year.
The Rabbit’s social life will also bring him much pleasure, particularly the chances he gets to meet up with friends and attend parties and other social events. There will be excellent opportunities for him to extend his social circle and, for the unattached, significant romance could beckon.
The months of March and April and August to October are particularly favourable for making new friends. For the Rabbit, affairs of the heart are one of the most favourably aspected areas of the Monkey year.
Overall, this will be a generally satisfying year for the Rabbit and while he will need to be careful when dealing with financial and bureaucratic matters, his domestic and social life and personal interests will all be rewarding.

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