How to transform and reclaim your own life

Destiny, transcendence, redemption, purging, power, the afterlife. Good and evil. Pluto’s influence is never passive or ambivalent.
Although it sometimes works subtly, its influence in our lives is long-term, and it transforms us.
Its two extremes are well-represented in the figures of Hitler and Gandhi, since both of these men were able to manifest their vision in our physical reality. Both had a mission and a sense of their own destiny, but one provoked mass destruction while the other elevated the consciousness of the masses.
In our personal lives, Pluto’s influence is no different. Pluto destroys our habits and our belief systems, the systems that Saturn helped us build, forcing us to overcome these catastrophes or to lose ourselves in the rubble.
Pluto’s position in Sagittarius, in the ninth house of philosophy and spiritual beliefs, indicates that human beings will evolve thanks to the development of our beliefs in these areas. Before we do, though, Pluto will destroy our old beliefs, knocking them over like a house of cards.
Pluto was discovered in 1930 and is the planet farthest from the Sun. It is located on the edges of our solar system, and its light is so faint that it almost seems ethereal. It takes 248 years to move through the Zodiac. A theory popular among astrologers holds that Pluto, like Uranus and Neptune, was not discovered until humanity had evolved enough to understand these planets’ energies.
Humanity uses Pluto to make its visions, or, rather, its terrors, into realities. We act them out. It serves as a living symbol of a societal need or a common fear. Through Pluto, we tap into something greater than our individual egos. We tap into the collective mind in all its hypnotic horror and its magnificent beauty.
Since the discovery of Pluto, its influence has been observed in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. At the close of 1995, Pluto entered Sagittarius. In the wake of the fall of old paradigms and systems of belief, the transformative effects that its influence will have could be enormous and far-reaching.
Pluto, Mars’s higher octave, rules various types of occult practices: black magic, levitation, witchcraft and reincarnation. On a personal level, Pluto exerts a powerful influence if it rules or occupies a prominent place in a birth chart.