Planetary Keywords

Keywords for comparison between planets


The power urge. Vitalizing, life-giving force. Radiation. Symbol of masculinity, paternity, authority, and creative ability. Denotes ambition, pride, a protecting, healing, encouraging, warming influence. The Sun creates, achieves, elevates, honors, governs, sustains, dominates, promotes, and negotiates.


Domestic, family, serving urge. The subconscious or subjective mind. Receptive, responding, reflecting in effect. Symbol of femininity, fecundity, maternity, disposition, feeling, mood, routine, submission, adaptation, obedience, sensitivity, intuition, visual and mental perception, sensation, imagination, hygiene. The Moon sees, perceives, observes, reflects, visualizes, imagines, imitates, serves, eats, drinks, sleeps, absorbs, feels, senses.


Intellectual urge. The conscious, objective mind. Symbol of mentality, ideas and interests, curiosity and capacity for learning, reason, analysis, communication, distribution, self-expression, discrimination, selection, judgment. Mercury narrates, talks, argues, debates, writes, analyzes, memorizes, reports, studies, learns, travels, sells, distributes, interprets, listens, reflects, meditates, expresses with the hands.


Social urge. Balancing, harmonizing, peacemaking influence. Symbol of affection, sentiment, sympathy, friendship, personal or sexual love, romance, beauty, order, agreement, fidelity, pleasure, art, music, rhythm, culture and refinement, conviviality, courtesy, manners, tact, attractiveness, taste, the responsive attitude in love and courtship. Venus loves, praises, beautifies, perfects, amuses, entertains, sings and dances, pacifies, placates, gives, modifies, balances, sympathizes, adorns, decorates, embellishes.


Aggressive urge. Stimulating and energizing force. Symbol of desire, action, initiative, leadership, executive ability, physical courage, impulse, industry, enterprise, adventure, push and drive, self-will, resistance, combativeness, accident; the aggressive attitude in love and courtship, jealousy, vindictiveness. Mars leads instigates, engineers, disputes, provokes, executes, adventures, dares, irritates, defends, offend?,.protects,.promotes, exploits, moves, challenges, rebels, bums, inflames, speeds.


Benevolent and protective urge. Protective, expanding influence. Symbol of opportunity, increase, rewards, abundance, generosity, tolerance, charity, philanthropy, ethics, faith, confidence, idealism, aspiration, honor, justice and mercy, loyalty, joviality, fair play, prophecy. Jupiter inflates, benefits, protects, comforts, assists, enlarges, magnifies, spends, donates, speculates, laughs, cures, inspires, encourages, counsels, philosophizes.


Security or safety urge. Consolidating, crystallizing, conserving, stabilizing, maturing, disciplinary, limiting effect. Symbol of duty, work, responsibility, government, obstacles, endurance, stoicism, persistence, delay, worry, fear, seriousness, solemnity, resentment, envy, anxiety, penury, saving, retaining, deflating, chilling, freezing. Saturn denotes criticism, ignorance, pessimism, negativeness, memory, history, foundations, sorrow, wisdom through experience, age, death. Saturn weighs endures, persists, burdens, builds, instructs, administrates, organizes, conserves, supports, saves, hoards, binds, confines, denies, delays, discredits, discourages, chastises, hesitates, withholds, frustrates, deflates, chills, inhibits, punishes, hates, resents, criticizes, condemns, prohibits.


Freedom urge. Exciting, uprooting, awakening effect. Electrical energy. Symbol of awakening and evolving of higher consciousness. Rebellion, individualism, freedom, altruism, the unpredictable, originality, invention, experimentation, the new and unusual, unconventional, extremes, erratic action, instability, dispensing with nonessentials, separations. Uranus awakens, uproots, interrupts, surprises, challenges, unsettles, reverses, instigates, revolts, resists, invents, uninhibits, separates, develops, evolves.


Spiritual or escape urge. Beguiling, relaxing, obscuring, transmuting influence. Chemical energy. Symbol of sacrifice, resignation, compassion, atonement, pity, mystery, intrigue, guile, psychism, occultism, psychic perception, vision and dreams, trance states, passivity, elusive-ness, distortion, deception, misconception., evasiveness, fraud, procrastination, transmutation, inspiration, idealism, intuition, non-resistance, great spiritual strength, or moral weakness and tendency to follow a line of least resistance. In a strong character it indicates spiritual guidance and protection. In a weak character it brings out desire to avoid responsibility. Neptune absorbs, masks, deceives, conceals, confuses, entices, beguiles, tempts, dissipates, secretes, distorts, cheats, hypnotizes, deludes, inflates, sublimates, solaces, reveals, inspires, transcends.


Destroying or reforming urge. Transforming effect. Atomic energy, symbol of decay, erosion, contamination, infections, fertilizing, leveling, destruction, removing of obstacles, disintegration, obsessions, amalgamations, hidden wealth and power, regeneration and transition, death intonewjife, release of power, strong will, ruthlessness, dictatorship, large corporations, contests. Pluto explores, erodes, corrodes, purges, explodes, destroys, under mines, obliterates, spoils, despoils, poisons, kidnaps, traps, festers, perverts, unearths, reforms, transforms, regenerates, redeems.
The Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are activating, projecting, stimulating or positive in polarity.
The Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune are reacting, static, responding, or negative in polarity.