Pisces Woman Sagittarius Man

The woman who has set her cap for a man born under the sign of Sagittarius may have to apply a lot of strategy before she can get him to drop down on bended knee. Although some Sagittarius may be marriage-shy, they’re not ones to skitter away from romance. A high-spirited woman may find a relationship with a Sagittarius— whether a fling or the real thing—a very enjoyable experience.
As a rule, Sagittarius are bright, happy, and healthy. They have a strong sense of fair play. Often they’re a source of inspiration to others. They’re full of ideas and drive.
You’ll be taken by the Archer’s infectious grin and his light-hearted, friendly nature. If you do wind up being the woman in his life, he’s apt to treat you more like a buddy than the love of his life. It’s just his way. Sagittarius are often chummy instead of romantic.
You’ll admire his broad-mindedness in most matters, including those of the heart. If, while dating you, he claims that he still wants to play the field, he’ll expect you to enjoy the same liberty. Once he’s promised to love, honor, and obey, however, he does just that. Marriage for him, once he’s taken that big step, is very serious business.
A woman who has a keen imagination and a great love of freedom will not be disappointed if she does tie up with a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius man has a genuine interest in equality. He hates prejudice and injustice.
If he does insist on a night out with the boys, he won’t scowl if you decide to let him shift for himself in the kitchen while you pursue your own interests. He believes in fairness.
He’s not much of a homebody. Quite often he’s occupied with faraway places either in his dreams or in reality. He enjoys, just as you do, being on the go or on the move. He refuses to sit still for long stretches at a time. Humdrum routine—especially at home— bores him. At the drop of a hat, he may ask you to jet off to an exotic location. He likes surprising people.
He’ll take great pride in showing you off to his friends. He’ll always be a considerate mate. He will never embarrass or disappoint you intentionally. He’s very tolerant when it comes to friends, and you’ll most likely spend a lot of time entertaining people.
The Sagittarius father will dote on any newborn son or daughter, though he might feel clumsy handling the infant. He usually becomes comfortable with children once they have passed through the baby stage. As soon as the youngsters are old enough to walk and talk, the Sagittarius father encourages each and every sign of talent and skill.