Pisces Woman Gemini Man

The Gemini man is quite a catch. Many a woman has set her cap for him and failed to bag him. Generally, Gemini men are intelligent, witty, and outgoing. Many of them are versatile with many interests.
On the other hand, some Geminis seem to lack the common sense you set so much store in. Their tendencies to start a half-dozen projects, then toss them up in the air out of boredom, may exasperate you.
One thing that causes a Twin’s mind and affection to wander is a bore. But Pisces has as many interests and talents as Gemini. Both of you are double signs, with lots going for you. The Gemini man who has caught your heart will admire you for your ideas and intellect and talents perhaps even more than for your good looks.
A strong-willed woman could easily fill the role of rudder for her Gemini’s ship-without-a-sail. The intelligent Gemini is often aware of his shortcomings and doesn’t mind if someone with better bearings gives him a shove in the right direction, when it’s needed. The average Gemini doesn’t have serious ego hang-ups and will even accept a well-deserved chewing out from his mate or lover.
A successful and serious-minded Gemini could make you a very happy woman if you gave him half the chance. Although he may give you the impressioii that he has a hole in his head, the Gemini man generally has a good head on his shoulders and can make efficient use of it when he wants. Some of them, who have learned the art of being steadfast, have risen to great heights in their professions.
Once you convince yourself that not all people born under the sign of the Twins are witless grasshoppers, you won’t mind dating a few—to test your newborn conviction. If you do wind up walking down the aisle with one, accept the fact that married life with him will mean your taking the bitter with the sweet.
Life with a Gemini man can be more fun than a barrel of clowns. You’ll never experience a dull moment. Don’t leave money matters to him, or you’ll both wind up behind the eight ball.
Gemini men are always attractive to the opposite sex. You’ll perhaps have to allow him an occasional harmless flirtation. It will seldom amount to more than that.
The Gemini father loves the children so much he usually lets them do what they want. He believes that youngsters should explore the variety of life because experience is the best teacher. He will help to develop the children’s logical and verbal skills at an early age. If he overemphasizes the role of reason, you are there to encourage the full emotional development of the youngsters.