Pisces Woman Capricorn Man

A with-it, hip woman is likely to find the average Capricorn man a bit of a drag. The man born under the sign of the Goat is often a closed person and difficult to get to know. Even if you do get to know him, you may not find him very interesting. In romance, Capricorn men are reserved and cautious. You’ll probably have to make all the passes.
You may find his plodding manner irritating and his conservative, traditional ways maddening. He’s not one to take chances on anything. If it was good enough for his father, it’s good enough for him. He follows a way that is tried and true. Whenever adventure rears its tantalizing head, the Goat will turn the other way; he’s interested in safety.
The Capricorn man is very ambitious, but his ways of accomplishing his aims are subterranean or at least seem so. He operates from the background a good deal of the time. At a gathering you may never even notice him, but he’s there, taking in everything, sizing everyone up, planning his next careful move.
Although Capricorns may be intellectual and well-educated, it is not the kind of intuitive intelligence you appreciate. He may not be as quick or as deep as you. His understanding from an emotional level may be inhibited.
If you do decide to take up with a man born under this sign, you should be pretty good in the cheering up department. The Capricorn man often acts as though he’s constantly being followed by a cloud of gloom.
The Capricorn man is most at ease when in the comfort and privacy of his own home. The security possible within four walls can make him a happy man. He’ll spend as much time as he can at home. If he is loaded down with extra work, he’ll bring it home instead of working overtime at the office.
You’ll most likely be frequently confronted by his relatives. Family is very important to the Capricorn—his family, that is. They better have an important place in your life, too, if you want to keep your home a happy one.
Although his caution in most matters may drive you up the wall, his concerned way with money is justified most of the time. He’ll plan everything right down to the last penny.
The Capricorn father is loving and dutiful, although he may not understand the children’s carefree ways. He believes there are goals to be achieved, and there is the right way to achieve them. The Capricorn father can be quite a scold when it comes to disciplining the youngsters. Your faith in them and your compassionate manner will ease their growing pains.