Pisces Woman Aquarius Man

You will find the Aquarius man the most broad-minded man you have ever met. On the other hand, you will find him the most impractical. Often he’s more of a dreamer than a doer. But you can understand a man whose heart and mind are in the stars and whose head is almost always up in the clouds. Your Aquarius date will surely capture your fancy.
He’s no dumbbell; make no mistake about that. He can be busy making some very complicated and idealistic plans when he’s got that out-to-lunch look in his eyes. But more than likely, he’ll never execute them. He will share all of his progressive ideas with you, and even you may think he’s too way-out. But don’t go jumping to conclusions. There’s a saying that Aquarius are a half-century ahead of everybody else in the thinking department.
If you decide to marry him, you’ll find out how right his zany whims are on or about your 50th anniversary. Maybe the waiting will be worth it. Could be that you have an Einstein on your hands—and heart.
Life with an Aquarius won’t be one of total despair if you can learn to temper his airiness with your understanding of real life. He won’t gripe if you do. Aquarius always maintains an open mind. He’ll entertain the ideas and opinions of everybody, though he may not agree with all of them. Don’t go tearing your hair out when you find that it’s almost impossible to hold a normal conversation with your Aquarius friend at times. Always try to keep in mind that he means well.
His broad-mindedness doesn’t stop when it comes to you and your personal freedom. You won’t have to give up any of your hobbies or projects after you’re married. He’ll encourage you to continue in your interests.
He’ll be a kind and generous husband. He’ll never quibble over petty things. Keep track of the money you both spend. He can’t. Money burns a hole in his pocket.
At times, you may feel like calling it quits. Chances are, though, that you’ll always give him another chance.
The Aquarius father is a good family man. He can be a fine role model for the children because he sees them as individuals in their own right, not as extensions of himself. Kids love him and vice versa. He’ll be as tolerant with them as he is with adults. He understands that youngsters need the freedom to experiment and experience many facets of life.