Pisces Social Relationships

Pisces individuals are perhaps the most sensitive people in existence. They are gentle, considerate, and kind. They are earnest in expressing their affections and look for affection to be reciprocated. Pisces men and women never want to hurt anyone, and they also try to protect themselves from injury, especially emotional insult. They do not like anyone who is mean or petty.
Pisces standards for friendship and companionship are quite high. They choose someone who is enlightened and humane, someone who is well-groomed and intelligent, someone who probably has as great an interest in the arts as they do. But Pisces men and women are realistic when it comes to looking for a friend or a companion. The happy Pisces is one who can take a person for what he or she is and not long for perfection.
At times, Pisces may shuttle from one mood to another without warning, which is apt to puzzle their friends and loved ones. Pisces can be passionate one moment and cool the next, for no apparent reason. The people who love Pisces must learn to accept this.
It is sometimes difficult for even the most intimate friend to really know how a Pisces feels. A lover may find reason to doubt Pisces love even when they profess it profusely. It can be hard to know whether or not Pisces men and women really mean what they say in times of stress or struggle.
Sincere Pisces individuals take stock of themselves and try to do something about their weak points. They try to correct personality quirks and extreme emotional sensitivity. Pisces may even try to appear tougher than they really are as a protection against anyone who would take advantage of their kind nature.
Pisces may fool many with this facade, but not anyone who really knows these men and women. While exhibiting a hard-bitten exterior, Pisces is likely to be as soft as cotton candy inside. Friends and loved ones will accept Pisces for all their qualities—both the good and the bad. True friends will not be put off by the mask of toughness.
Alone, Pisces can become disheartened and disillusioned. Whims and fancies are not a suitable substitute for fulfilling social relationships. Although the private side of the Pisces nature can be tapped in an artistic way, these men and women need people and do best in a strong relationship.
Pisces men and women are adaptable and can easily take on the character of anyone with whom they associate. So it is very important to mix with the right people. People who know their own mind, who are positive thinkers with a firm grip on reality are right for Pisces. In association with such people, these qualities rub off on Pisces and serve to build their confidence and strengthen their purpose.