Pisces Occupation

Pisces men and women do well in any kind of work that involves helping and healing. This is their main interest in life. They like doing what they can for people. The sick and needy can always depend on Pisces for compassion, advice, and actual aid.
Pisces individuals make good doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, and ministers. Social work in all areas is another profession that attracts the Fishes. Sympathetic and intuitive, Pisces men and women often know what is wrong with someone before the person is aware of it. Anyone in trouble or in need will turn to Pisces because they can easily put themselves in the person’s place and offer genuine help.
Pisces men and women contain a magical charm, and so do well in any profession that relies on persuasion and convincing. Diplomatic work, public relations, and selling fields appeal.
The Pisces strong point is insight, the ability to understand people and their problems. When choosing a job or career, these men and women should try to make use of their innate gifts. Generally well liked by associates and colleagues, Pisces are easy to get along with and always ready to listen to someone’s troubles.
Pisces men and women are flexible. They can take on many different roles if need be. The two sides of Pisces mean they usually have many interests. Like their zodiacal symbol of the Fishes, they can move in any direction with equal skill.
Their flexible personality coupled with their imaginative powers fit Pisces ideally for a career in the world of theater and film. They usually have remarkable dramatic talents both as actors and writers. They understand human nature, they are expressive, and they know how best to portray a character on stage or screen.
Whatever they do, Pisces individuals are happiest when given a chance to exercise their many interests. They like and need variety in their work. In the right position, they are not afraid of encountering frustration or opposition, for they are well equipped to deal with it.
Work that requires a great deal of concentration and attention to small details seldom interests Pisces. But they can apply themselves to anything that completely absorbs their imagination and creative spirit. As workers they can always be depended on to do their best in a methodical, industrious way. Often they cleverly think up ways of cutting the work time in half, much to the delight of their co-workers and teammates.
Some Pisces do not have much faith in themselves or what they can achieve. Sometimes they do not really know what they want in life and find it hard to direct themselves toward a particular goal. If they meet with the slightest upset, they are ready to call it quits. Confusion is a danger. When confronted with frustration, they can become disorganized and have difficulty putting their thoughts in order, as well as putting things in order.
The Pisces man or woman can be a sensualist. They like to pamper themselves with comforts and material things that ease their pain or frustration. Money does not interest Pisces for what it is but for what it can do. They need the security money can bring.
Many Pisces are afraid of growing old, and they want a nest egg they can draw on when they become senior citizens. If they do not have as much money as they think they need, they may worry about it constantly. They may worry so much that it prevents them from making the headway they desperately desire.
Chances are the average Pisces will never become a millionaire. These men and woman want only enough money to adequately provide for themselves and those they care for. Pisces, always trying to help people, may become too generous with money. They sometimes spend money, or give it away, to help someone when they should be helping themselves. If Pisces individuals come into a lot of money unexpectedly, there probably will be opportunists around trying to take it away. Pisces will never say no to a hand-out, especially if someone is in dire need.
Once Pisces men and women find their niche in life, they can go far on sheer will and determination. The strong Pisces has a good sense of direction and will work hard to attain goals and to make dreams come true. Some Pisces individuals are lucky and attain financial success without having to work hard. The well-heeled Pisces would be wise to invest money in something secure, perhaps real estate or gilt-edge stocks and bonds. A lucky streak notwithstanding, Pisces should avoid risks as much as possible.
Pisces men and women are good in business even though they may not have a very competitive nature. In fact, their spirit of cooperation is the quality that enables them sometimes to extend their business base by networking, merger, and other linkup. In a partnership, they can do well as long as the partner possesses business qualities they lack or that complement theirs.