Pisces Man Pisces Woman

Many a man dreams of an alluring Pisces woman. As a Pisces yourself, you delight in joining your emotions with another whose feelings run as deep as yours. If one of you is strong and decisive enough to cope with the everyday realities, you can be happy together for a long time.
The Pisces woman will let you be the brains of the family. She will, though, play a behind-the-scenes role in order to help you achieve your goals. The illusion that you are the master of the household is the kind of magic the Pisces woman is adept at creating.
She can be very ladylike and proper. Your business associates and friends will be dazzled by her warmth and femininity. Although she’s a charmer, there is a lot more to her than just a pretty exterior. There is a brain ticking away behind that soft, womanly facade. You may never become aware of it—until you’re married to her. It’s no cause for alarm. She’ll never use it against you, only to help you and possibly set you on a more successful path.
If she feels you’re botching up your married life through careless behavior or if she feels you could be earning more money than you do, she’ll tell you about it. But any wife would, really. She will never try to usurp your position as head and breadwinner of the family.
No one had better dare say one uncomplimentary word about you in her presence. It’s likely to cause her to break into tears. Pisces women are usually very sensitive beings. Their reaction to adversity, frustration, or anger is just a plain, good, old-fashioned cry. They can weep buckets when inclined.
She can do wonders with a house. She is very fond of dramatic and beautiful things. There will always be plenty of fresh-cut flowers around the house. She will choose charming artwork and antiques, if they are affordable. Shell see to it that the house is decorated in a dazzling yet welcoming style.
She’ll have an extra special dinner prepared for you when you come home from an important business meeting. Don’t dwell on the boring details of the meeting, though. But if you need that grand vision, the big idea, to seal a contract or make a conquest, your Pisces woman is sure to confide a secret that will guarantee your success. She is canny and shrewd with money, and once you are on her wavelength you can manage the intricacies on your own.
Treat her with tenderness and generosity and your relationship will be an enjoyable one. She’s most likely fond of chocolates. A bunch of beautiful flowers will never fail to make her eyes light up. See to it that you never forget her birthday or your anniversary. These things are very important to her.
If you are patient and kind, you can keep a Pisces woman happy for a lifetime. She, however, is not without her faults. Her sensitivity may get on your nerves after a while. You may find her lacking in practicality and good old-fashioned stoicism. You may even feel that she uses her tears as a method of getting her own way.
The Pisces mother totally believes in her children, and her faith never wavers. Her unconditional love for them makes her a strong, self-sacrificing mother who can deny herself in order to fulfill their needs. She will teach youngsters the value of service to the community while not letting them lose their individuality.