Pisces Man Leo Woman

The Leo woman can make most men roar like lions. If any woman in the Zodiac has that indefinable something that can make men lose their heads and find their hearts, it’s the Leo woman.
She’s got more than a fair share of charm and glamour. She knows how to make the most of her assets, especially when she’s in the company of the opposite sex. Jealous men are apt to lose their cool or their sanity when trying to woo a woman born under the sign of the Lion.
She likes to kick up her heels and doesn’t care who knows it. She often makes heads turn and tongues wag. You don’t have to believe any of what you hear. It’s most likely jealous gossip or wishful thinking. Needless to say, other women in her vicinity turn green with envy and will try anything in order to put her out of the running.
Although this vamp makes the blood rush to your head and makes you momentarily forget all the things you thought were important and necessary in your life, you may feel differently when you come back down to earth and the stars are out of your eyes. You may feel that she isn’t the kind of girl you planned to marry. Although the Leo woman may do her best to be a good wife for you, chances are she’ll fall short of your idea of what a good wife should be like.
If the Leo woman has you flipping your lid, you’d better be financially equipped for some very expensive dating. Be prepared to shower her with expensive gifts and to take her dining and dancing to the smartest spots in town. Promise her the moon if you’re in a position to go that far. Luxury and glamour are two things that are bound to lower a Leo’s resistance. She’s got expensive tastes, and you’d better cater to them if you expect to get to first base.
If you’ve got an important business deal to clinch and you have doubts as to whether you can swing it or not, bring your Leo lover along to the business luncheon. Chances are that with her on your arm, you’ll be able to win any business battle with both hands tied. She won’t have to say or do anything—just being there at your side is enough. The grouchiest oil magnate can be transformed into a gushing, obedient schoolboy if there’s a charming Leo woman in the room.
The Leo mother is sometimes blind to the faults of her children.
She can spoil them no end. But when she wants them to learn something or follow her rules, she can be a strict yet patient teacher. Easygoing and friendly, the Leo mother loves to pal around with the kids while proudly showing them off.