Pisces Man Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman may not be the most romantic of the Zodiac, but she’s far from frigid when she meets the right man. She believes in true love. She doesn’t appreciate getting involved in flings. To her, they’re just a waste of time. She’s looking for a man who means business—in life as well as in love.
Although she can be very affectionate with her boyfriend or mate, she tends to let her head govern her heart. That is not to say she is a cool, calculating cucumber. On the contrary, she just feels she can be more honest about love if she consults her brain first. She wants to size up the situation before throwing her heart in the ring. She wants to make sure it won’t get stepped on.
The Capricorn woman is faithful, dependable, and systematic in just about everything she undertakes. She is quite concerned with security and sees to it that every penny she spends is spent wisely. She is very economical about using her time, too. She does not believe in whittling away her energy on a scheme that is bound not to pay off.
Ambitious themselves, Capricorns are quite often attracted to ambitious men, men who are interested in getting somewhere in life. If a man of this sort wins her heart, she’ll stick by him and do all she can to help him get to the top.
The Capricorn woman is almost always diplomatic. She makes an excellent hostess. She can be very influential when your business acquaintances come to dinner.
The Capricorn woman is likely to be very concerned, if not downright proud, about her family tree. Relatives are important to her, particularly if they’re socially prominent. Never say a cross word about her family members. That can really go against her grain, and she’ll punish you by not talking to you for days.
She’s generally thorough in whatever she does: handling a career, homemaking, and generally being successful in both. Capricorn women are well-mannered and gracious, no matter what their backgrounds. They excel at entertaining whether as a guest or a hostess. They have it in their natures always to behave properly. They have a built-in sense of what is right.
If you should marry a Capricorn woman, you need never worry about her going on a wild shopping spree. She understands the value of money better than most women. If you turn over your paycheck to her at the end of the week, you can be sure that a good hunk of it will wind up in the bank.
The Capricorn mother is very ambitious for her children. She wants them to have every advantage and to benefit from things she perhaps lacked as a child. She is loving and correct. She will teach her youngsters to respect the family and to build honorable codes of conduct. She will prepare children to take their place in society.