Pisces Love and Marriage

Pisces men and women feel deeply. When they give their love, it usually is for keeps. They don’t play with anyone’s affections. Love is too important for that. They must be on guard against an aggressive pursuer. If someone makes consistent and obvious advances, Pisces may be too weak to resist. Then they become trapped in a love affair they neither wished nor willed.
Weak Pisces individuals do not really know what they want in romance. They may flee from one affair to another not knowing how to make up their mind. Pisces can be a dreamy lover, fantasizing more about the kind of romance they want but doing little to make it a reality.
When they do find the person of their dreams, they may become possessive and jealous. They may suspect a Itived one of infidelity when there really are no grounds for such a belief. Intense jealousy can ruin Pisces emotionally, as well as destroy the relationship.
The romantic Pisces man or woman often has very high ideals.
If the right person is behind them, they are bound to go far. They need someone who understands their emotional turbulence and moodiness as well as their great capacity to endure life’s ceaseless struggles. Pisces individuals need love, and without it life may seem useless and empty.
Naturally affectionate, Pisces wants a lover who is equally free in expressing affection. These men and women need to be reassured that a loved one really loves them. They need to be complimented, too, to be praised as a lover or as a provider. Flattery is music to Pisces ears.
Oversensitivity and overemotionalism may cause Pisces to end an affair. They may imagine that they have been slighted when that is not the case at all. Strong Pisces guard against becoming a victim of this illusion. They do what they can to keep the romance alive and healthy.
Romance after marriage means a lot to Pisces. Lovemaking should maintain the glow and glamour of the early days. Pisces men and women are very considerate mates and do all they can to see that a partner is comfortable and provided for. Home also means a lot to Pisces. It is a place where they can relax in comfort and be themselves without fear of being taken advantage of.