Pisces Home and Family

Pisces men and women are very susceptible to their environment. If they are to succeed, they have to be in an environment that encourages success. They like a home where they can relax in comfort—a place where their imagination can roam. Home and family are important to the Pisces who wants to go far in life. It provides the stability and haven they need.
Pisces is a home lover by nature. The warm and peaceful atmosphere of a comfortable home is a great motivator. Pisces tastes are eclectic, blending the old-fashioned with the modern. The home may contain some beautiful and meaningful art objects. Art plays an important part in the lives of Pisces men and woman. At times, art means more to them than so-called practical things.
A home in the country would please Pisces individuals. They like wide open spaces where they can wander around freely without having to be disturbed by traffic or crowds. The countryside, especially a place near the shore, gives Pisces a chance to relax and let their imagination run free.
People enjoy visiting the Pisces man or woman because he or she knows how to make guests feel at home. Pisces is a good conversationalist. When someone is seriously talking or confiding something, Pisces is never bored but listens carefully, interrupting every now and again to make a helpful suggestion.
Pisces is a true romantic. Marriage appeals to these men and women because it gives them a chance to explore both the idealistic and sensual sides of their nature. A happy home is where Pisces can be most imaginative and creative.