Pisces Health

The average Pisces man or woman may not look very strong or healthy. However, their constitution is usually quite good and they can recover from an illness fairly quickly. In general, their health is good.
The great outdoors is likely to be good for Pisces. They need plenty of sunshine and fresh air in order to feel fit. They should also get plenty of exercise. On the other hand, they should not do anything that might cause stress or strain.
Quite often a Pisces man or woman looks younger than he or she really is. Their build or physique is deceptive. Pisces may appear slim and delicate, but they contain a wiry strength. Many of the world’s best dancers are born under this sign. The eyes and the feet are usually the weak points of the Pisces anatomy. These men and women also must guard against chills and cold, which affect the extremities.
Pisces individuals should be moderate in their behavior. Overindulgence is apt to be bad for their constitution. A well-balanced diet, with plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruit, will help to maintain good physique and fitness.
Pisces men and women may have a weakness for substances that are known to be physical stimulants. Good health can be abused by the use of alcohol or drugs, so it is important to avoid these substances. Pisces who know what is needed to protect their health will generally live to a ripe old age.
Some Pisces individuals are stubborn, however, and do the things that please them most without giving much thought to the consequences. If they do become addicted to drugs or to alcohol, they may have a difficult time trying to break the habit. Their emotional, psychological dependency can be stronger than their willpower.
Sometimes Pisces want pity, so they put on their best act to appear sorrowful, martyred, or victimized.