Pisces Character Analysis

People born under the sign of Pisces are dreamy, romantic, and idealistic. Emotional and changeable, Pisces are responsive and impressionable. Theirs is a sensitive nature. They approach life in a serious yet somewhat unrealistic way.
The sign of Pisces is symbolized by the two Fishes, one swimming one way and the other the opposite way, and indicates a double nature. Indeed, there often seems to be more to someone born under this twelfth sign of the Zodiac than meets the eye. Their behavior is often a riddle to other people.
Pisces may seem secretive about the smallest, most unimportant thing yet open in important matters when perhaps secrecy would be warranted. Chances are Pisces are kind and gentle people who never would do anything to injure someone’s feelings. Although the Fishes can be purposeful when necessary, they sometimes seem unable to grapple with life’s routine problems. They can appear to be a bit helpless and lacking in self-confidence. Uncertain, Pisces may take an extraordinarily long time to make up his or her mind about the smallest thing.
Pisces individuals are generally well liked. They can be trusted. They are conscientious in all that they undertake. People can depend on the Fishes no matter what situation arises. Their word is their bond. Likable and pleasant, the Pisces man or woman makes other people feel comfortable and understood. Because Pisces seek peace and quiet in any environment, their personality usually projects a calm, even-tempered quality that allows companions to relax and let their hair down.
Because Pisces men and women are so easygoing, an opportunist might try to take advantage of their inherent goodness. Pisces are not fighters by nature. If someone abuses their generosity and openness, they are not likely to put up a fight or cause a scene. They may not always speak up or speak out when they should. Pisces are very sensitive, and their feelings are easily hurt. Sometimes they take offense when none is intended.
Pisces individuals are usually methodical, although they may seem a bit lazy or passive to the casual observer. But they will live up to their responsibilities at home or at work if they see that it is necessary for keeping peace and order. They can take life as it comes. Moreover, they can easily adapt to whatever situation arises. They will not complain idly about the situation. They will try to do something about it.
Pisces men and women are not afraid of change. In fact, they welcome change, especially if other people can benefit from it. Anything that Pisces individuals feel will make the world a better place in which to live is something they will support.
Pisces men and women readily sympathize with anyone who is in dire straits. They are always prepared to help someone in need or in trouble if they can. In a rather uncanny way, Pisces seems to know how other people are feeling before such people even say anything.
Blessed with great perceptive and intuitive powers, the Fishes are familiar with the problems of the world. Their dreams and schemes often center around bettering the world situation, either on a grand scale or closer to home and neighborhood. But sometimes the Pisces man or woman is too much of a dreamer to put their plans and hopes into action. They may lack that driving force to turn plans into reality.
When they do go about revising their habits, finishing their work, and completing their plans, Pisces usually can make a very important contribution to the world. They are generous, sometimes to a fault. They think more of the other person, at times, than they do of themselves. They can be quite self-sacrificing, denying themselves many material comforts in order to serve the good of humanity.
Imagination and creativity are basic to the Pisces nature. These men and women are usually interested in the arts. In the fields of music, painting, and poetry Pisces can plunge to their heart’s content and forget about the hard realities of life. Mysterious and mystical things attract the Fishes. Unknown realms seem to lure them on. At the same time this kind of interest clashes with their basic personality, making it difficult to adjust to the hard, stubborn facts of life.
When Pisces men and women take up an interest, they go all the way. They are very susceptible. Subjects that appeal to them have a complete hold until they know the subject inside out. Theories, religious doctrines, and spiritual beliefs captivate Pisces. Although they may learn a great deal about such a subject, they may become somewhat saddened, for they feel that their knowledge cuts them off from other people. Some Pisces feel superior in their intellectual isolation.
The Pisces man or woman can be moody. They can go from feeling high to low, and back again, in a remarkably short time. This emotional turbulence is reflected in the zodiacal symbol of the Fishes swimming both ways. At times Pisces individuals feel sorry for themselves, a self-pity born from believing that their talents are not really appreciated. The strong Pisces, however, knows how to put such thoughts out of mind and to forge ahead.
Inspiration and faith are also basic to the Pisces nature. While remaining in the background of things, the Pisces man or woman can inspire other people to great heights. Sometimes the Pisces hesitation to step into the fray comes from fear and frustration. They can be somewhat afraid of conflict and so will do their best to avoid it. They will take themselves out of the action while encouraging other people to go on.
When forced to face harsh reality, Pisces can be at loose ends. It is too much to bear. They would rather hear a pleasant lie than the cold, hard truth. If things become too difficult to manage, Pisces may try to escape from everyday responsibilities.
Pisces men and women do best when in the company of a strong, purposeful individual. Alone, they may give in to their fears. But when encouraged by loved ones, friends, and associates, Pisces will try harder to realize goals, hopes, and plans.