Pisces born on March 6

Planet: Neptune

You are an adaptable and discerning person with a soft and shy nature.

Artistically talented, your vivid imagination plays an important role in your career choice.

Your music and poetry can inspire others to a state of transcendence.

You have a ‘feel’ for things and act on your hunches and are also able to pay great attention to detail.

These abilities make you a success in business as you have an uncanny knack of knowing when to take risks.

However, you are a daydreamer and sometimes want to escape, so you can be prone to addictions.

As you become materially successful, you become philanthropic and give generously of your time and money to help others.

In relationships, you need a partner who keeps up with your ever-changing interests. You are a bit of a softy and need to feel cared for.