Pisces born on March 4

Planet: Neptune

You are a versatile and sensitive person with a colourful imagination.

Artistically gifted, your ability to touch people’s deepest feelings with your creativity can make you a well-known and loved artist.

Candidly photographing or painting people is your strength as you can capture emotion brilliantly.

Plus you are quiet and unobtrusive so they never know you’re there and you seldom offend.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and can be moody and ultra-emotional, veering on high drama.

To overcome this is a challenge, and channelling your feelings into an artistic project is the perfect solution.

When you fall in love you commit wholeheartedly as you long for a family and tend to marry young.

Being with loved ones changes you for the better and this is when your zany sense of humour comes out to play.