Pisces born on March 20

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 20 you are a demonstrative and loving person with a huge desire to express yourself creatively.

You have a soft and gentle touch and everything you do is imbued with beauty and grace.

Whether as a massage therapist, a garden designer or a carpenter, you relish being hands-on in your work and connecting with people.

You enjoy life and believe it has to be lived in each moment – you really know how to relax.

Totally subjective and with a tendency to be over-emotional, you respond intuitively to any situation.

Being logical just isn’t your thing.

At times you are so changeable that you can drive others to distraction.

Being in love is bliss; you blossom as your best qualities emerge.

You are quite happy pottering around on your own, and it’s important that you let others know this.