Pisces born on March 14

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 14 you are a person with natural charisma.

A great actor, you can exude confidence and charm, enlivening all you meet.

No one can question the enormous creative and leadership gifts you possess. However, underneath there is a shy and brooding persona, and you can be racked with self-doubt.

These moods can suddenly descend, much to the chagrin of colleagues and loved ones.

You have a soft and generous heart and working in the public sector in a leadership position is suited.

The stage also whispers seductively, as being in the spotlight is your natural habitat.

Relationships are your life and you relish all types of emotion, so heartbreak, dramatic break-ups and passion make you feel alive.

Hot saunas match your temperament, as do beach holidays in tropical parts of the world.