Pisces born on March 12

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 12 you are an unworldly, impressionable person who is extremely altruistic.

You are so sensitive that it’s as if you have no skin, so you have to develop a protective layer around you.

You have an elusive and mystical quality about you and can be hard to pin down.

As you get older its easier for you to get in touch with, and draw on, the extraordinary psychic and artistic gifts that you have.

Helping others comes easily to you, and you’re the one who volunteers to run the homeless shelter or local stray cat’s home.

In relationships, you can get caught in fantasy and suffer from unrequited love; you have difficulty maintaining permanence in your romantic life.

A down-to-earth type is what you need.

The opera was invented just for you – it’s a memorable night out that will have a long-lasting effect.