Pisces born on March 11

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 11 you are a brilliantly inventive person who is usually way ahead of their time.

You are not afraid to experiment and come up with whacky and original ideas.

As a storyteller you are second to none, and can take people on a magical mystery adventure.

The wondrous world of science fiction is your speciality.

You are both a scientist and an artist; someone who can use both their left and right brain, which is a rare combination.

You are incredibly social and have a wide-ranging circle of friends, some of whom are eccentrics and oddballs.

In your romantic relationships, you are loyal and devoted and require a strong intellectual connection.

However, you need to spend time alone, so can appear emotionally distant and cool.

For total relaxation and entertainment, you appreciate a witty, satirical comedy show.