Pig 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

This year will have cheerful and funny moments with the partner, but it is not advisable to expect too much of the other person. To Pigs, it will be just one more year to work on their individuality, self-esteem, and to get in touch with their own wishes. They will find out that they were immersed in conditionings and illusions that were hindering their happiness.
Gradually and very cautiously, they will make new friends that are better related to their current interests. This year Pigs will be able to make the most of the former years’ experience and will discover that they have the power of choosing who to relate to —and who not.


Even if this one is not a year of great income increase, Pigs will win in other aspects. They will take a professional leap forward, and take on increasing responsibilities in a gradual and relaxed way. This will be a stage of intensive professional training, and will be useful for consolidating positions and acquiring new interpersonal skills. Economic yields will eventually arrive in the medium term. Meanwhile, they must work on their feeling of worthiness, get rid of the fear to succeed, and free their mind of guilty emotions.


Being the Pig a strong sign, they keep their good health in spite of their messy daily habits. Their energy is both intense and unfocused; these people branch themselves off in simultaneous ideas and tasks, which may stress them out and cause them to suffer stomach disorders. Other key physical areas for Pigs include joints and the circulatory system. The challenge they have to face is to carry out a more active lifestyle. As they are extremely sensitive, they can be exposed to disappointment, which in turn may make them feel anguished and ill, due to the drop in their immune system. Being in contact with Nature and feeling loved has a healing effect.

Quality of Life

Getting personal energy to move by means of intense and disciplined physical activity will help Pigs temper their personality and get rid of mental stress —something they must avoid at all costs. Counting on a spiritual and psychological guide will allow this sign to bring out the hero locked inside them, so as to begin a path of emotional independence. A tidy home will be essential to make better use of the time, as well as a weekly meal planning.