Pig 2017

The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and will be a rewarding one for the Pig.
His personal life is especially well aspected. For those enjoying romance, perhaps started in the previous Monkey year, this will continue to blossom, with many marrying or deciding to settle down together over the year. And for those who are unattached or who have had some recent disappointment in their personal life, the Rooster year holds some truly exciting prospects and can mark quite a transformation in their lives. Sometimes these Pigs will meet someone purely by chance and fall deeply in love.
For affairs of the heart this can be an especially significant year, and while the Pig could feel the effects of Cupid’s arrow at almost any time, the period from late March to June and August could offer many chances to meet others.
For those Pigs with a partner, this will be an important year. The Pig will value the love and support he is shown and should set aside time to share with his partner. He will also delight in following the progress of those close to him and the year could give rise to a family celebration, possibly a promotion, engagement, marriage or addition to the family. For quite a few Pigs, the year will be marked by some memorable and gratifying events. And, as ever, these Pigs will take pleasure in helping to organize the celebrations.
However, while the aspects are so encouraging, no year is ever free from its more difficult moments and whenever a problem arises, the Pig would find it helpful to talk the matter through and see how best it can be resolved. Although he may dislike awkward scenes, his willingness to address such matters in an open way can do much to ease problems and prevent them from overshadowing what can be such an agreeable year.
His social life is pleasingly aspected and once again he will be much in demand, with many invitations to parties and other social occasions. He could also find his work and interests lead to him going out fairly often and having the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances.
Work prospects are promising too, and with the year’s emphasis on commitment and hard work, the Pig is set to do well. In view of their recent undertakings, many Pigs will find themselves with the right experience to put themselves forward for promotion or a position with greater responsibilities.
They will often be helped by the good contacts they have built up. Throughout the year, the Pig should continue to use his personal skill’s well, meeting others in his line of work and networking effectively. As he will find, becoming better known will be helpful to his career.
He should also take advantage of any ways in which he can develop himself over the year. Whether this is through training or by taking on other duties, again what he learns now can often make his work more fulfilling as well as widening his scope for the future.
This also applies to those Pigs seeking work, either as the year begins or during it. By actively following up positions that interest them as well as taking advantage of any retraining schemes that may be available, many will be successful in obtaining an interesting new position which will widen their experience. Work-wise, this is a highly encouraging year, and by working hard, maintaining good relations with colleagues and developing skills, many Pigs will find their efforts being well rewarded. The months from February to April and July and November could see some particularly good work opportunities.
The Pig’s progress at work will often lead to a rise in income and he could also benefit from funds he receives from other sources. Money-wise, this is an encouraging year, although the Pig must be careful not to take his spending too far. In particular he would find it helpful to set funds aside for more sizeable purchases and make allowance for other plans, including holidays. With care and good sense, this will be a generally positive year for financial matters.
Overall, the Pig will have much in his favour in the Rooster year and by using his talents well and making the most of the opportunities that arise, he can look forward to making well-deserved progress. His personal life is most promising, with him being in demand and enjoying the love and support of those who are special to him. In so many respects, this will be a positive and rewarding year.

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