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The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February and will be an interesting one for the Pig. Although not all his activities may go as well as he would like, by rising to the challenges and opportunities that the year will bring, he can make good progress. His personal life holds much promise, with affairs of the heart being especially well aspected.
At work the Monkey year will not be without its chances or successes but the Pig will need to work hard for them. Also, there are certain points he needs to bear in mind. Perhaps most importantly, this is not a year when he can be too independent in attitude or act without support. Fortunately, the Pig is usually adept at forging good relationships and liaising with others, but in 2016 he cannot afford to neglect this if he wishes to make progress. The more support he has, the better he will fare.
Also, although the Pig usually sets about his activities in determined style, there could be certain tasks which he considers unnecessary or burdensome. However, in many cases these still need to be done and if the Pig appears too dilatory or less than thorough, he could be storing up problems for himself. In 2016 he needs to remain his efficient and thorough self!
However, provided the Pig remains aware of the trickier aspects and makes an extra effort both in carrying out his duties and in maintaining good relations with colleagues, then he will find the year does provide some good opportunities. In some cases his experience will lead to him being given further responsibilities and possible promotion, while those Pigs who want a change or who are seeking work will find the Monkey year bringing interesting developments.
Although their quest may not be easy and there will be disappointments when certain applications do not go their way, by remaining persistent, these Pigs will often secure a position which will not only be an improvement on what they have been doing but also bring with it an exciting new personal challenge. And, as has been shown so many times, challenge does bring out the best in the Pig.
For work opportunities, March to June and October are favourable times. The Pig will need to work hard to progress, but with his determination and fine personal qualities, he has it within him to make important headway.
As far as financial matters are concerned, the Monkey year calls for care and restraint. There will be many temptations to spend and, without some watchfulness, the Pig could find his outgoings becoming far greater than he anticipated or allowed for. Also, if he wants to make a major purchase, he could find it better to consider his choices carefully and wait for more favourable buying opportunities rather than be too hasty.
If he does find his borrowings are mounting up, he could find it helpful to look at his financial position and see whether any modifications can be made. By managing his resources and watching his spending, he can do much to avoid problems and prevent shortfalls from arising. This is, though, a year for care.
More positively, the Pig’s personal life is splendidly aspected. For the unattached or those newly in love, the year will hold some wonderful times. Existing romances, including those formed in the last quarter of the Goat year, will often blossom, while for the unattached or lonely there will be many chances to meet others, including someone who could become very special.
Many Pigs, with their loving nature and genial disposition, will win the heart of another during the year. For meeting others, the months from April to June and August and September are well aspected and such is the nature of the year that many Pigs will get engaged or settle down with their partner. This is indeed a romantic and heady year for the Pig.
The Pig will also enjoy his domestic life. As he is aware, close relationships have to be nurtured and his willingness to spend time with those who are important to him is another reason why, on a personal level, the Monkey year can go so well. Pigs with families will find that their love and care for their children, as well as more senior relations, will also be valued and will help maintain the special bond the Pig considers so important.
However, no year is free from its more difficult moments and 2016 will be no exception. When problems or differences of opinion do arise the Pig should not, as some may be tempted to do, turn a blind eye, but talk over matters and see whether a solution or compromise can be found. Better a compromise than letting problems linger and sour an otherwise agreeable time.
With the aspects as they are, any Pig who starts the year at a low personal ebb should regard the Monkey year as heralding a new chapter in his life and should resolve to move forward. By going out more, taking up different interests and taking charge of his situation, he will find his outlook and prospects becoming much brighter. For personal matters, the Monkey year does hold much promise.
Overall, although the Pig will need to proceed carefully in the Monkey year and ensure he is both thorough and careful in work and financial matters, on a personal level the year will give rise to many treasured moments. And for many Pigs the love of another will make this a very special time.

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