Ox 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

2019 will be an excellent year for Oxen to deepen couple relationships, in close intimacy and enjoyment. Love and passion will flow spontaneous and positively because they will be more connected with their own feelings as well as with the partner’s. Due to an enhanced receptiveness, single Oxen will cast a powerful sensuality and find the right person to begin a path hand in hand with.
The energy of the Horse will put people full of light in their path, which will get close to the Oxen in order to enjoy their balanced harmony. This year will be good for widening social circles and opening the heart to new friends. Oxen must enjoy and make the most of this affective treasure that 2019 has in store for them.


Although work and economic areas will be in a real upheaval for the Oxen, they will keep a poise that will be the envy of many. They will have a money cushion and keep labor stability, and this will calm them down and give them time to design innovations to their business. But keeping a low profile will still guard them from treachery and envy. This will be an ideal year for taking a break, travelling and carrying out some held-back investments. In more relaxed settings, Oxen will discover new partners and colleagues (without having to look for them) to plan a promising future.


Even when they are careful with their health and disciplined with their sanitary and eating habits, this one is the typical sign that does not make diseases public and runs away from physicians. Oxen are strong and rarely get sick, but stress is something that plays against them, causing muscle stiffness, excessive worrying, tendency to trauma, and blocking of fluids. Quiet environments and contact with Nature fill them with peace and vitality, though these can also make the Ox a hermit. They need to acquire both physical and mental flexibility to improve their quality of life.

Quality of Life

Not everybody can allow themselves to get some rest; and to the Oxen, having no regular duties can prove especially difficult. Circumstances will allow this sign to travel and relax so as to be relieved of all the stress built up during the last year. It will be a good time to begin alternative therapies related to personal care and spiritual evolution. It will also be a good cycle to end relationships that pose resistance and hesitation in terms of personal progress. This is a good moment to refurbish the house, get rid of old things and imprint a fresher and lighter ambience to the home. Water fountains, plants, and decoration in light blue, white and metallic colors combined with wooden furniture are the best to instill energy into this sign.