Ox 2016

The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February 2016 and will be an interesting one for the Ox. Although events may sometimes move more swiftly than he may like – the Ox prefers a steady and planned course – they will often work in his favour. In his work good progress is indicated, while his personal life is favourably aspected.
As the year starts the Ox would do well to give some thought to recent developments and to formulate his plans for the next 12 months. In this way he will be able to identify areas which he would like to improve upon as well as clarify his aims for the year ahead. Having a sense of direction will help him to channel his energies in a more purposeful way and to accomplish more as a result. The Monkey year is certainly a time when the Ox should be looking to move himself forward.
In general, the Monkey year will allow the Ox to make excellent use of his skills and experience. These are a real asset and can lead to significant advances during the year. Sometimes, as a result of his knowledge, the Ox could find himself being singled out for certain responsibilities, promotion or a new role. The Monkey year is also capable of springing some surprises and the Ox could find opportunities arising almost out of the blue. By taking advantage of them, unexpected though they may be, the Ox can improve his prospects and develop his career. The Monkey year is indeed one of positive change.
For those Oxen who are seeking work or feeling unfulfilled in their present position, the Monkey year will also bring some excellent opportunities and often set them off on a more rewarding career path. By considering different ways in which they can use their skills and widening the scope of their search, these Oxen will often secure a position which offers an interesting challenge as well as good prospects for the future. The Monkey year is capable of introducing important changes in the Ox’s working life, ones which will be of benefit to him and have long-term value.
The months from March to May and August to October could see some interesting career opportunities, but generally 2016 is a rewarding year work-wise and one in which the Ox can make the most of his talents.
This is also a positive year for financial matters and in addition to seeing an increase in income, some Oxen may be able to supplement their earnings through some additional work. Again, this could sometimes arise in an unexpected way and will be a pleasant bonus for the Ox.
For those Oxen with an enterprising disposition, an idea they have could bring interesting results. However, while the Ox’s financial situation will show an improvement, paperwork does need close attention. To prevent problems the Ox should ensure he keeps documents and guarantees safe and policies up to date, and deals with financially- related forms promptly and carefully. The extra attention he pays to this will certainly be worth his while.
The Monkey year is favourable for self-development and the Ox would do well to further some of his interests and skills at this time, perhaps by setting himself a new challenge, taking up a different interest or enrolling on a course.
Adding to his knowledge and interests in some way will not only be satisfying but also a welcome contrast to some of his more usual activities. Many Oxen have a fondness for gardening and for being out of doors, and the Ox should make sure he allows time for this and for other activities he enjoys. He works hard and it is important that he does not deny himself some well-deserved pleasures.
The Ox’s relations with others are also favourably aspected in the Monkey year. For the unattached or those enjoying the early stages of romance, this can be a significant and happy time. Existing romances will often continue to flourish, with many Oxen becoming engaged or settling down with their partner, while those who may start the year in low spirits will find the Monkey year can herald a major transformation in their life. An existing friendship could suddenly develop into a meaningful romance and there will be opportunities for those who may feel lonely to build up their social life, with excellent prospects for meeting someone who will, in time, become special.
It may require some Oxen to draw a line under past hurt and make a conscious effort to move their life forward, but it will be well worth it. For personal matters, April, May, August and November are favourable months.
In addition to a promising social life, the Ox’s domestic life will generally go well, with some memorable high points to the year. These will include celebrating the successes and progress of family members (including some of his own). Other enjoyable occasions will include interests and activities that can be shared, spontaneous events, and holidays and trips with loved ones. As the Ox realizes, a good family life does require input, and the Ox takes his responsibilities seriously. His willingness to contribute so much will make a difference this year and be appreciated by many. His care and concern for others will also be valued, and even when, as with all years, problems raise their head, his advice will help. The Ox’s domestic life is important to him and in 2016 it will bring both satisfaction and contentment.
Overall, the Monkey year holds good prospects for the Ox and while he may sometimes have to move swiftly to make the most of the opportunities that arise, events will often be to his advantage and long-term interest. Both professionally and personally, a great deal will work out well for him.

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