Neptune in Taurus

Those having Neptune in Taurus are emotional, responsive, and romantic. They are not dogmatic; and, while not irreligious, they are certainly not conspicuously ecclesiastical. They are well described by the generation born between 1876 and 1890. It has been a generation of builders, whose practical impulses have stood for solidity and endurance. Under it has come our great material development, our great buildings, our vast mechanical progress, our advance in industry and commerce.
On the other hand, the passage of Neptune through the signs of Venus, Taurus and Libra, seems to have attended most of the artistic and creative waves of time. The great Elizabethan period came during its passage through Taurus, though it did not reach its fulfillment until it entered Gemini, and a mental and linguistic urge had been added to the artistic and creative impulse. When this planet is afflicted in Taurus, it inclines to sex perversion, chaotic emotions, illicit amours and lurid obsessions.
Its malefic reactions are almost always o a sex nature when in a Venus sign. Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, Christabel Pankhurst, Henry III, Samuel Adams, Francis Bacon, David Hume, Maria Theresa, Ex-Crown Prince of Germany, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Mussolini, Will Levington Comfort, are outstanding examples of persons born with Neptune in Taurus.

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