Neptune in Sagittarius

Those having Neptune in Sagittarius enjoy all the finer inspirational forces of Neptune, and are humanitarian and altruistic.
All of these forces of Neptune are brought out by this position. Abraham Lincoln is a perfect picture of the high, spiritual and humane nature produced by Neptune in Sagittarius. His deep sincerity, his high purposes and broad spiritual vision, his wealth of brotherly love, together with a consuming desire for liberty and truth, may be in part attributed to Neptune in this sign.
The position is thus primarily one of spiritual and altruistic force, yet it endows with such power of conception and originality of vision that intellectual command is the result. The intellect, however, is not the critical intellect of Virgo, neither is it the acid intellect of Scorpio. It is rather that mental sweep which must inevitably follow consuming idealism and broad vision. Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg is not the painstaking product of a close, analytical or exact, scholastic mind. It is the result of compassionate feeling and dynamic inspiration from his overflowing hear and high spiritual impulse.
Thus, Neptune In Sagittarius, while its emphasis is upon the ideal and the humane, has also produced major minds of great philosophic and scientific penetration, creative geniuses and religious leaders whose force has changed civilization.
Even when Neptune in Sagittarius is afflicted, it is yet capable of little evil influence. Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman, Tennyson, Bryant, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Whittier, Longfellow, Browning, Lowell, Poe, Dickens, Ruskin, George Eliot, De Musset, Wagner, Louis Agassiz, Chopin, Schumann, Isaac Newton, Pitman, Bismarck, Gladstone, Queen Victoria, Levi Morton, Stephen Douglas, Cornelius Agrippa, William Penn, Martin Luther, Sir Richard Quain, Nell Gwyn, Mendelssohn, are noteworthy examples of those having Neptune in Sagittarius.

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