Neptune in Pisces

People who have Neptune in Pisces are psychic in the extreme, over-modest and reserved.
As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, it is the most propitious position which this planet can hold. Pisces is a distinctly passive sign, and this is a completely passive position for Neptune. Pisces is also not a sign of great active strength and assertive power; its forces are more negative, receptive, reflectively benefic.
Thus, while in its own sign, Neptune does not possess nearly so much power to affect the material plane as in either more active or more material signs. In fact, the very spirituality of the planet and the very psychic passivity of the sign inevitably do not make for strength of manifestation on a physical earth. Thus, as the materialistic Scorpio is the most powerful position of Neptune and the spiritual Sagittarius its next in force, so, the material Capricorn being the weakest position, the psychic Pisces is its next in weakness, viewed from a material standpoint. Otherwise, Pisces might be considered the most powerful position of Neptune.
In the individual nativity, this position of Neptune in Pisces does not, as a rule, make for singularly dynamic impulses of high, altruistic quality. Most people are too materially active for this passive, psychic force to exert its influence.
Unlike the position in Sagittarius, so strongly active, this position has little effect upon the average man, while it may lend force to the extraordinary man. A malefic Neptune in Pisces gives a craving for narcotics and strong liquor. Professor Hyslop, W. T. Stead, Hodgson, Sterner, Lodge, Lily Langtry, Ellen Terry, General Booth, Marie Bashkirtneff, Mrs. Pankhurst, Havelock Ellis, George Bernard Shaw, Woodrow Wilson, Dr. Quackenbos, Robert Louis Stevenson, Dreyfus, John Burns, Marshall P. Wilder, Oscar Wilde, de Maupassant, Ex-President Taft, Jane Addams, Lord Leverhulme, Queen Elizabeth, Handel, Charles Frohman, Woolworth, Emperor Wilhelm II, Theodore Roosevelt, Nordica, Asquith, Cecil Rhodes, Swedenborg, Balfour, Bryan, Seth Low, Elbert Hubbard, Andrew Mellon, Emile Coue, Clarence Darrow, John Drew, are noteworthy examples of those who have Neptune in Pisces.

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