Neptune in Capricorn

People having Neptune in the sign Capricorn have painstaking exactness and comprehensive thoroughness, but they lack idealism or inspiration.
The cold, practical, conservative qualities of Capricorn do not lend themselves well to the spiritual and impressionable planet Neptune. Neptune, when in Capricorn, gives an almost clairvoyant materialism, a penetrating perception into matter that, in strong nativities or when well aspected, is nothing short of brilliance. There is no position more capable of producing great scientific minds in the realms of chemistry, physics, medicine, surgery, mechanics and the other material sciences.
The comprehensive thoroughness, the painstaking exactness, the patient depth to the will is almost Herculean in its power. Such minds cannot see, beyond the matter, the realm of substance which. In itself, they see so thoroughly. They can picture nothing which the physical eye has not beheld and the material hand has not touched. Their souls usually lack the mystic sense. Intuition is, to most of them, impossible, and inspiration is a thing beyond their comprehension.
God is more commonly in this vernacular an “essence” of utterly impersonal power, and man the mere evolution of a tadpole. Such is the basic impulse of this type of man, which, unless modified by some dominant aspects of Jupiter and the Sun, comes out in a vision of astounding limitations. When benefically aspected, this position may be considerably improved, particularly by aspects from Jupiter. When malefically aspected in Capricorn, however, no power in a nativity will successfully save it from some degree of reaction and evil. Indeed, unless there are really tremendous forces to balance this weight of evil, criminal tendencies, blatant materialism, sullen will obsessions, perversions, will result.
There is no more degrading force in a nativity than a truly malefic Neptune in Capricorn. Huxley, Herbert Spencer, Lord Roberts, Pasteur, Cardinal Wolsey, Max Muller, Tolstoi, Garfield, Lewis Carroll, Earl of Strafford, Maximilian of Mexico, Franz Josef, Paul Kruger, Rossetti, Rosa Bonheur, Richard Burton, are notable examples of people having Neptune in this sign. It is worthy of note that many of the famous people having this position of Neptune have transcended it.

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