Neptune in Cancer

Those having Neptune in Cancer have a tendency to be too passive, too negative, too sympathetic and too affectionate. The position is not one conducive to greatness of action. There are faxfewer great men all through history born with Neptune in Cancer than at any other period.
It does not seem to empower the spiritual will in an expressive, positive manner. Rather it creates a susceptibility to impression and often psychic and mystical capacities. Thus, Joan of Arc was born with this position, and it may explain, in part, the “voices” she heard; whereas the great astronomer Kepler, who, unlike so many merely mathematical and narrowly focused astronomers of recent years, knew and practised astrology as well.
A malefic Neptune in this position is necessarily particularly evil, causing those having it to be melancholy, conceited and self-indulgent. They must avoid being too romantic or giving way to selfpity. Cardinal Richelieu, Wallenstein, Joan of Arc, Hannah Moore, Du Barry, Robert Peel, Goethe, are notable examples of people having Neptune in the sign Cancer.

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