Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo

Madonna have your Moon in Virgo.

Off comes the party cap and out steps the busy, practical worker. He wants to get his personal affairs straight, to rearrange them, if necessary, for more efficiency, so he will have more time for more work.

He clears up his correspondence, pays outstanding bills, makes numerous phone calls. He is likely to make inquiries, or sign up for some new insurance and put money into gilt-edged investment.

Thoughts probably revolve around the need for future security—to tie up loose ends and clear the decks. There may be a tendency to be “finicky,” to interfere in the routine of others, particularly friends and family members.

The motive may be a genuine desire to help with suggestions for updating or streamlining their affairs, but these will probably not be welcomed.

Sympathy may be felt for less fortunate sections of the community and a flurry of some sort of voluntary service is likely. This may be accompanied by strong feelings of responsibility on several fronts and health may suffer from extra efforts made.

CAUTION: Everyone may not want your help or advice.

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