Moon in Taurus

The spontaneous, action-packed person of yesterday gives way to the cautious, diligent, hardworking “thinker.” In this period ideas will probably be concentrated on ways of improving finances. A great deal of time may be spent figuring out and going over schemes and plans. It is the right time to be careful with detail.

People will find themselves working longer than usual at their desks. Or devoting more time to serious thought about the future. A strong desire to put order into business and financial arrangements may cause extra work. Loved ones may complain of being neglected and may fail to appreciate that your efforts are for their ultimate benefit.

Your desire for system may extend to criticism of arrangements in the home and lead to minor upsets. Health may be affected through overwork. Try to secure a reasonable amount of rest and relaxation, although the tendency will be to “keep going” despite good advice. Work done conscientiously in this period should result in a solid contribution to your future security.

CAUTION: Try not to be as serious with people as the work you are engaged in.

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