Moon in Pisces

Everything seems to come to the surface now. Memory may be crystal clear, throwing up long-forgotten information which could be valuable in the career or business.

Flashes of clairvoyance and intuition are possible along with sudden realizations of one’s own nature, which may be used for self-improvement. A talent, never before suspected, may be discovered.

Qualities not evident before in friends and marriage partners are likely to be noticed. As this is a period in which the truth seems to emerge, the discovery of false characteristics is likely to lead to disenchantment or a shift in attachments. However, when qualities are accepted, it should lead to happiness and deeper feeling. Surprise solutions could bob up for old problems.

There may be a public announcement of the solving of a crime or mystery. People with secrets may find someone has “guessed” correctly. The secrets of the soul or the inner self also tend to reveal themselves. Religious and philosophical groups may make some interesting discoveries.

CAUTION: Not a time for activities that depend on secrecy.

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