Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn

Brad Pitt have your Moon in Capricorn.

Life in these hours may seem to pivot around the importance of gaining prestige and honor in the career, as well as maintaining a spotless reputation. Ambitious urges may be excessive and could be accompanied by quite acquisitive drives for money.

Effort should be directed along strictly ethical lines where there is no possibility of reproach or scandal. All endeavors are likely to be characterized by great earnestness, and an air of authority and purpose which should impress those who are looking for leadership or reliability.

The desire to conform to accepted standards may extend to sharp criticism of family members. Frivolity and unconventional actions are unlikely to amuse while the Moon is in Capricorn. Moderation and seriousness are the orders of the day.

Achievement and recognition in this period could come through community work or organizing for the benefit of some amateur group.

CAUTION: Dignity and esteem are not always self-awarded.

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