Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius is in the second last sign of the Zodiac where ideas can become disturbingly fine and subtle. The result is often a mental “no-man’s land” where imagination cannot be trusted with the same certitude as other times. The dangers for the individual are the extremes of optimism and pessimism.
Unless the imagination is held in check, situations are likely to be misread, and rosy conclusions drawn where they do not exist. Consequences for the unwary can be costly in career and business.
Best to think twice and not speak or act until you think again. Pessimism can be a cruel self-inflicted penalty for delusion at this time. Between the two extremes are strange areas of self-deception which, for example, can make the selfish person think he is actually being generous.
Eerie dreams which resemble the reality and even seem to continue into the waking state are also possible.
CAUTION: Look for the fact and not just for the image in your mind.

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