Monkey 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

For Monkeys, the best way to go is to be honest with their own feelings; and at times this is somewhat hard, because they are afraid of suffering. Psychotherapy, a journal, talks to friends, will help him clarify their emotions. Open dialogue will be necessary to avoid misunderstandings and keep the couple away from avoidable conflicts. There will be big changes in interpersonal relationships. Monkeys will ask themselves about repeated roles and unconscious attitudes; and will see that they can adopt more than one single stance with people. This will be a year of social learning. Relationships will evolve towards the best outcome: authenticity.


Regarding work, the first times will not be too good this year; it will be advisable not to run large financial risks. This one is a year to work in teams and to plan the huge changes for the next one. For the talkative Monkey, a low profile will be most recommended. Colleagues and superiors will value their capacity of adapting to new circumstances, their persistence and their concentration in their long-term goals. People born under this sign must avoid confronting their superiors. They should set up their own small parallel ventures as well as strategic —though not unconditional— alliances.


Monkey energy is visceral, sensuous, and passionate. For this reason, they radiate vigor but also suffer from excess and exhaustion. This sign has propensity to high blood pressure and hormonal unbalances. Monkeys have mood swings, going from high excitement to depression and isolation. Their great inner force, and their desire and will of growing up cause them to be subject to exhausting physical and mental strains. Fun will provide a healthy way of keeping their feet on the ground; and reading and meditation will nourish their spiritual cravings.

Quality of Life

For this sign, energy will flow expansively but subtly; Monkeys will have to control their natural outgoing inclinations. This strategic management of Qi will benefit their physical as well as their emotional health. Monkey people can fight some inclination to melancholy if they focus in home refurbishing and in investing in home modernization and decoration; this way, they will get back home to a real oasis. Sharing with cheerful and spiritual friends will be the way of finding support during this low-profile social year. Books, Tai-Chi and lots of outdoor activities will act as a grounding that will avoid angry arguments and stress.