Monkey 2016

The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February 2016 and holds many possibilities for its own sign. With his drive, personality and experience, the Monkey has much in his favour and this year he will be able to draw on his strengths and make excellent progress. And in so much of what he does, luck will be on his side.
In his work the Monkey can look forward to making substantial headway. With his earnest approach and faith in his own abilities, he knows he has much to offer and he should resolve to make the most of himself in 2016.
Over the year, some Monkeys will find their experience, contacts and in-house knowledge will place them in an excellent position for promotion and for greater responsibilities. By making known their desire to further themselves and pursuing openings that interest them, many will find themselves being rewarded with a better and more responsible role. As the Monkey realizes, the initiative often rests with him, but once he takes action, events can move quite swiftly and in his favour.
Monkeys who are seeking work or a change of employment will also find that if they follow up any openings that interest them they can be offered an exciting opportunity to use their skills in a more fulfilling way. Work-wise, the Monkey year is a time of opportunity and progress, with the first quarter and July and November holding particularly encouraging prospects.
With his enterprising nature the Monkey should also make the most of his ideas during the year. He could find some of his proposals starting an interesting chain of events. In addition, any Monkey who has considered starting his own business or has entrepreneurial ambitions would find this a good year to take this further. With commitment, enthusiasm and backing, he could score some notable successes.
The progress that the Monkey makes in his work will also have a positive effect on his finances, with many Monkeys enjoying a noticeable increase in income over the year. However, with his active lifestyle, the Monkey’s spending levels will often be high and it would be worth him keeping an eye on his general situation as well as budgeting in advance for known expenses.
By monitoring his position he can do much to prevent problems and possible shortfalls from arising. In addition, if he is able to use this financial upturn to reduce his borrowings and make some provision for his future he would find it to his advantage. Also, while the Monkey will feel positive about his position, he should be wary about becoming involved in any risky situations or taking on new commitments without checking all the details. Even for the Monkey himself, the year can spring traps.
With his sociable nature, the Monkey attaches great importance to his relations with others and these are excellently aspected. In his home life, he can look forward to many rewarding times planning and carrying out home projects with his loved ones and sharing interests and activities. He will, as always, follow the progress of those close to him with fond interest and his support and guidance will mean a great deal.
The Monkey will also be grateful for the support he is given and while he may have a tendency to keep his thoughts to himself, by being forthcoming he will find others are able to assist in more ways than he may have anticipated. His loved ones are important to him and, by letting them share in his hopes and ideas, he will benefit from their input as well as maintain the rapport he so values.
The Monkey year is also favourably aspected on a social level. Not only will the Monkey find his work bringing him into contact with others and leading to some pleasant social occasions, but he will also have various invitations and opportunities to go out. Over the year his social circle is set to grow quite considerably, and for the unattached, the prospects for romance and marriage are excellent. In some cases a chance meeting can swiftly transform the Monkey’s life and certainly Cupid will be shooting some arrows in his direction over the year! For any Monkey who may have had some personal difficulty or sadness of late, this year can be a turning-point and usher in a new and brighter chapter. March, April, June and August will see much social activity and will be especially good times for meeting others.
In so many respects, 2016 holds great potential and by making the most of the chances that arise, the Monkey can make good headway and enjoy some pleasing successes. On a personal level, too, this will be a fine year, with the Monkey’s family, friends and, for some, a new romance helping to make his own year all the more special.

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