Mercury in Virgo

In Virgo, Mercury is not only in his own house, but also in the the house of his exaltation, and it is natural to suppose that he will be stronger and more excellent here than anywhere else in the Zodiac. To a great extent this is the case. So far as Mercury is sufficients he is admirable; and it is irrational to blame Mercury because he is not also Venus! Yet this is the danger : A native with Mercury so placed may be overwhelmed by this part of his character. Virgo, however, is much to be preferred to Gemini as a place for the mental ruler ; the duplicity of the Twin-sign is avoided, and Virgo, being an earthy sign, tends to add stability to the planet. The extreme development of intellect naturally causes a certain coldness and detachment ; people thus endowed sometimes forget that this world is not altogether ruled by reason, but very largely by prejudice, emotion, and self-interest. They are, therefore, better fitted to deal with abstractions than with practical affairs; Leo is much better than Virgo for the man of the world. The great men are the true men, no doubt ; but this is exactly why the great men are often never discovered until they have been dead for many years. People with Mercury in Virgo are quick to learn; indeed they often learn so easily that they do not concentrate sufficiently to retain their acquired knowledge. They have excellent memories subject to exactly the same limitations. They are often fertile of fancy, make excellent linguists, and good orators. Their mind is well adapted for scientific inquiry and, if Mercury is strengthened by Saturnian wisdom, their attainment in Science may be really profound. They are clever in handicrafts, and should excel in scientific agriculture. The mind, too, is essentially honest. As lawyers they are not so sharp as those with Mercury in Gemini. There is much plasticity and receptiveness, moreover, in the mind; and they are easily influenced, especially by argument. On the other hand, they are sharply critical, sometimes too much so, though this trait rarely takes so aggressive a form as when Mercury is in Scorpio. They are intolerant towards stupidity in others and cannot understand the point of view of “common sense”, when it conflicts with their reasoned judgment. In a sense they are idealists as much as those who live in an emotional dream-world, and are just as fanatical, though in the opposite camp. They take “the world as it ought to be” (in their opinion) instead of the world as it is. From this fault come the practical blunders of such really magnificent intellects as those of Anna Kingsford and Mme. Blavatsky. Shelley and Tolstoi had this same limitation. Each “proved conclusively” that a certain course of action was correct ; and each was amazed that humanity remained unconvinced. In pure philosophy this does not apply. Sir William Hamilton, dealing with the abstractions of metaphysics, was content to leave his work where he found it? on the intellectual plane. In politics, too, the coldness of perception often sets as an advantage. Witness : Franz Josef and Louis XIV. Both these monarchs were able to pursue a difficult policy with success because of their detachment from emotional considerations. Mr. Asquith, Caesar Borgia, and Sadi Carnot may be cited as further examples. On the other hand, Louis XVI and Ludwig II of Bavaria failed from this identical course; they were not identified with politics in the same way as those just mentioned, and they lost their thrones and their lives from lack of interest. It is to be noticed that every single one of these people could see only his own point of view, and rode roughshod over his opponents. There is much selfishness in intellectuality, and even where the heart is humanitarian, this lurks unsuspected by the native. Consider the pain given to the very objects of their devotion by Shelley and Tolstoi. A little human silliness and weakness would have been much more productive of human happiness! Man shall not live by syllogisms alone, even though each one be an ideal formula for the production of perfection.

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