Meaning of dreaming: Water

The element associated with the second spiritual center (cells of Leydig); spirituality (because all life begins in water); rebirth or birth-of-the-spirit, as in baptism; emotions; physical cleansing may be needed. Deep, clear, still water often represents Truth, not truth concerned with external things but Truth about the inner self which leads to the development and rebirth of the individual. Deep water—very deep meaning, from the depth of one’s mind or emotions; murky water—a destructive emotion lying in the depth of the subconscious; clear, running water—emotional fluidity; clear, calm water—emotional stability; stagnant water— negative emotions; shallow water—on the surface, or you may need more depth to a situation; water from a faucet or well—the water of life being received. “Still water runs deep”; gel*\ng into “hot water”; “you’re all wet”; “water under the bridge to be in “deep water” (you’re in trouble over your head); to ‘water down.” Waterlily (See lotus).

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