Meaning of dreaming: Tree

Support (trunk), strength, permanence, virility, dignity; one of the most frequent symbols indicating growth and unfolding. From earliest beginnings, trees have been connected with the gods and the mystical forces in nature. In Scripture and among certain people of antiquity, trees were a symbol of resurrection and rebirth, one of the symbols of reincarnation as seen in the falling leaves of autumn and the renewal in spring. According to the Cayce readings, the “Tree of Life in the midst of the garden” represents the spiritual centers of the body (the endocrine system). Fallen, uprooted tree—going through an uprooted period in one’s life, unfertile, unfruitful, decadent; tree trunk—uprightness, strength, power to uphold future growth; split trunk—split personality (schizophrenia); jungle—usually denotes confusion or an uncivilized state of being; roots—foundation well rooted; branches—branching out in life; full of leaves—a full life; leaves in autumn colors—a colorful life; green leaves—growth; falling leaves— going through a disappointing period; buds—ready to unfold; blossoms—full-bloom life; seed—”plant the seed and let God grant the increase” (often related to teaching). “Can’t see the forest for the trees”; “family tree”; to “drive one up a tree”; “sturdy as an oak”; “weeping willow”; “out on a limb.”

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