Meaning of dreaming: Number Two

The beginning of a division of the Whole; God and people, lower and higher nature; a couple, as in a love or marital relation. The symbol of duality; the number of polarity, good and evil, choices, life and death, spirit and matter; two languages—physical and metaphysical; Adam and Eve—Creative Force manifesting in human form. The second spiritual center—the cells of Leydig, balancing of masculine/feminine qualities.
Some strengths of the two are courteousness, consistency, gentleness, orderliness. The weaknesses, being doubting, critical, shy, gullible. Personality traits: someone who desires companionship, full of love and service, charming, tactful, gentle; having a desire for balance; a dual nature that is the binding of opposites. On the negative side, careless, discontented, cowardly, tends toward a bad temper and cruelty. The two needs to learn the value of discipline.
Taurus (May, an earth sign), the second sign of the Zodiac, is concerned with making resources grow; material security; loves peace and calm. Should guard against rigidity, stubbornness and negativity, resistance to change.

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