Meaning of dreaming: Number Twelve

The number of fruition, complete expression, spiritual fulfillment, perfection and completion; they have usually studied and applied and are now ready to reach out to others.
We graduate from school in twelve years; there were twelve Disciples, twelve Apostles, twelve months of the year; twelve steps of service in Alcoholics Anonymous (the twelfth being that one is ready to reach out to help someone else); twelve days of Epiphany (December 25-January 6); twelve tribes of Israel, twelve angels in a Band of Angels, twelve signs of the Zodiac, twelve knights of King Arthur’s round table.
In Judaism it takes twelve months to be Bar Mitzvahed, at which time the thirteen-year-old is ready to become an adult in the community.
Pisces (March, a mutable water sign), the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, is secure when he or she sets aside all the psychological and material concerns of the other signs and experiences an essential simplicity of being. Pisces needs to follow instincts and dictates of the heart and be less concerned with conventional ideas of what ought to be.
When they are being their deepest, truest self, they are crystal clear, unselfish, sweet, lovable, demanding little and giving much. When insecure, they are demanding, jealous, unreliable, and deceptive. They are happiest when deeply committed to a spiritual path. They are fulfilled when they are caring and being helpful to all who seek their aid.