Meaning of dreaming: Number Three

A number of great strength because it represents the threefold nature of the one God. In scripture it stands for a completed period of time. Peter denied Christ three times; Christ asked Peter three times if he loved him; Jonah was in the belly of the whale three days; the third day Christ rose from the dead; the fig tree did not bear fruit for three years and was to be cut down; at the marriage in Cana, on the third day Jesus turned the water into wine, implying that a transformation took place. (There was no mention of a bride, and so one can assufne it was a union of Jesus’ Higher Self.)
Jesus’ ministry lasted three years. Triune concepts symbolized by the three—God, Christ, Holy Spirit; body, mind, soul; parents, child; Mary, Joseph, Jesus; conscious, subconscious, superconscious; fire, air, water. The third spiritual center— the adrenals, the use of power in the earth, self-preservation. Earth is a three dimensional experience. Some strengths associated with this center are that the person participates, takes responsibility, strives to improve, has patience.
Weaknesses are lack of initiative, prejudice, envy. Personality traits: need for self-expression that often exhibits itself in art, literary endeavors, or the entertainment field; optimistic, imaginative, friendly. On the negative side, extravagant, jealous, gossipy, hypercritical. The three needs to develop self-control and patience. “Two against one” (being treated unfairly).
Gemini (June, a mutable air sign), the third sign of the Zodiac, relates to a breeze changing direction; associated with the mind (intellect); connects all breathing life on earth; intellectual security. Negatively, Gemini is fickle and superficial.

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