Meaning of dreaming: Number Ten

Perfection through completion; the return to unity, the sacred number of the universe. In general, the ten relates to the one but it becomes intensified in meaning with the zero added to it. Tens are leaders, thinkers, pioneers, generally have the courage of their convictions. They should make every effort to overcome the lower level of this number which is eccentricity, ego.
Capricorn (January, a cardinal earth sign), the tenth sign of the Zodiac, consists of hard-working people, organizers, efficient, perfectionists; they prefer working independently of others but can be successful in joint efforts.
They find fulfillment in being concerned with the whole, not self. Negatively, Capricorn people may be too concerned with criticism, are frustrated and frustrating by their own rules and regulations and by their eagerness not to be called on the carpet for anything in their area of responsibility.