Meaning of dreaming: Number Seven

Is the combination of three (heaven) plus four (earth) when related to the dual nature of man. Perfect order; a complete period or cycle; a mystical relationship; a sacred number. Familiar seven concepts—basic series of musical notes; seven colors in the spectrum; from the book of Revelation, the seven stars, seven lamps, seven churches, seven seals, sounding of seven trumpets, pouring out of seven vials; seven knots on the rope Mohammed saw hanging from heaven; seven sisters of the Pleiades; seven steps of Mayan pyramids, Snow White’s seven dwarfs.
All are related in some way to the seven endocrine centers of the body, according to the Edgar Cayce readings. The seventh spiritual center—the pituitary, divine impersonal or universal love, spiritual healing. Some strengths of the seven are a sense of oneness, reverence, healing ability, inner wisdom, introspective, confident, spiritual. On the weak side, deflates others, lukewarm, self-righteous, skeptical, confused, and deceitful. The seven should guard against despondency and intolerance toward others.
Libra (October, a cardinal air sign), the seventh sign of the Zodiac, has such associations as a strong sense of good taste, elegance, and a democratic spirit. They are cooperative, hard working, make good bosses, strong in partnerships, romance, and marriage. When insecure, the Libra seeks others for influential associations but resents being taken advantage of.