Meaning of dreaming: Number One

The beginning; the one force, one power, one energy known as Universal Force; creative energy; God, unity, indivisibility, and individuality.
The oneness of humankind, the power of mastership; ourselves in relation to the world; a person who holds power over us, such as a boss; the first person, Adam, as well as people’s power to stand erect; the straight and narrow path. It is the first spiritual center—the gonads, the basis of creative energy, material sustenance, security.
Some strengths of number one are helpfulness, being protective, a hard worker. On the weak side, one is unimaginative, materialistic, and lazy. Personality traits: the instigator, independent, and individual, a leader, courageous. On the negative side, stubborn, lazy, weak, egotistic. This number must guard against self-centeredness.
Aries (April, a cardinal fire sign), the first sign of the Zodiac, whose characteristic is the ambition to be first (“me first!”). Aries are mental in nature and should be leaders; should concentrate on initiating rather than on being original. Their talent is for beginning projects rather than finishing them; their originality will benefit them most if they set their egos aside.

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