Meaning of dreaming: Number Eleven

The vibrations of eleven, twenty-two, and thirty-three are of the master numbers. When zeros are added in a dream, the number is elevated that much more.
It is the start of a new and more advanced cycle of manifestation; hence, it is sometimes called the number of reincarnation, in consciousness if not in body.
In numerology it is considered the first of the three master numbers and symbolizes perfection on the physical plane. An eleven can be a saint or an anti-Christ (Adolph Hitler’s number is eleven).
Personality traits: spiritual, electrical, inventive, idealistic, leadership qualities. On the negative side, miserly, shiftless, stubborn, fanatic. The eleven should strive toward selfless service to humankind.
Aquarius (February, a fixed air sign), the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, denotes mental activity; the motivating force behind Aquarius is love for people, or the herd instinct.
Aquarius is social, but in an impersonal or detached way. The higher, secure Aquarian is independent, imaginative, intelligent, knowledgeable, and functions best in a social profession such as medicine, law, politics, music, or art. Aquarius, when insecure, can be dogmatic, fanatically dedicated to non-conformity, and is worst when doing nothing.