Meaning of dream: Journey

Dream Journey

Going on a journey: profits if the journey is pleasant.
Going on a disagreeable journey: big disappointment.
Going on a journey on horseback: will surmount your obstacles.
Walking all tbe way on a journey: hard work is ahead.
Taking a journey in a carriage: big fortune.
Taking a journey in a car: abundant means.
Taking a journey by steamer: accord among friends.
Taking a journey by plañe: family quarrels.
A long journey: you will be able to avoid unpleasant things.
Going on a journey armed: will soon get married.
Going on a journey with a sword at your side: will be married in a month.
Taking a journey on a rough road: f.verything will turn out well.
Híiving stormy weather during a journey: be careful in own affairs.
Relatives taking a journey: change for the better.
Enemies taking a journey: failure of enemies.
Taking a journey with children: happiness is assured.